On special occasions, your employees, your business  partners and customers will be meeting Damat Tween and D’S Damat's quality with their suitable gift options.

Orka Holding, established in 1986 as has become the center of men's fashion by transforming fashion into a lifestyle and creating its own brands since the day it entered into the men's ready-to-wear sector with the brand name Damat. Damat, which creates a modern style with its quality fabrics  and  designs, as Orka Holding, introducing D'S Damat, one of the leading players in the tween and male ready-to-wear market and Tween which is acclaimed for its original designs, we will be pleased to offer you, in addition to retail sales, a special service to companies, as well as our business partners, customers and employees.

If you wish so, you can choose the best gifts for you from the Damat Tween Corporate Sales Catalogue, or you can contact the sales team to offer you suitable suggestions. Our corporate sales team can visit you at your office so you can see Damat Tween products and gift options that will be created in line with your needs, or if you wish we can welcome you in our stores.


Areas In Which We Serve

  • Custom designed products with corporate logos
  • Products designed for your private organizations
  • New Year's Gifts
  • Gift Card
  • Personalized Custom Shirt and Suit Clothes Tailoring
  • Personalized Special Shirt and Suit Clothes Processing

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