Our Human Resources Policy

The goal of our holding companies is: "To be one of the top five brands, directing and leading the men's fashion in the world."

The most powerful and basic element for the achievement of these goals are our employees. Our human resources policies and practices are coordinated with the goal of our Holding companies.

For this purpose, short and long term business plans of ORKA Holding companies have been made and in line with the defined job descriptions, ORKA Holding will reach the future goals via the obtaining the following human resources which are;

  • socially responsible, respectful of the ecological environment and ethical rules
  • Continuously learning for attaining the target, efficient working and feel pleasure from being exhausted
  • Result oriented by doing business with information, approving success with numerical data
  • Adopting the existing successes as the keystone for the ultimate goal, the important one being the continuous success and the achievement of the goal
  • With a sense of strategic management and a team player who is based on process management with a sense of coherence
  • Able to efficiently use all available information and management techniques to achieve the targeted success
  • Who will never forget that information belongs to the institution, not the people and therefore prepare the "institutional knowledge".


Our Common Values

  • To focus on organizational success in understanding team spirit and solidarity,
  • Creativity and innovation,
  • Creating a dynamic, efficient and productive workforce with self-confidence,
  • Keeping the motivation of our employees high,
  • Sensitivity to internal and external customer satisfaction,
  • sensitivity, reliability and honesty towards the public,
  • Complying with laws and regulations,
  • In Our Products;


Best trend

  • Best quality
  • Best service
  • Maintaining the best price
  • In our stores;
  • High quality
  • Focus on details
  • Superior service understanding
  • Friendship starting with sales
  • Ensuring continuous communication continuity


Performance evaluation

Our ORKA Holding companies have a performance evaluation system consisting of 12 criteria determined in line with their objectives. The performance evaluation system is performed twice a year to all company employees. The training and development studies required in line with the results obtained are shaped by the coordination of the Human Resources Directorate.

In this way, ORKA Holding's objectives are integrated with the personal goals of our employees and it is determined how far we are from our annual targets.


Career Planning

In line with the developments in the organizational structure and in line with the possibilities, managers and executive candidates who will carry ORKA Holding to future targets are continuously monitored by the performance evaluation system and top managers; they attend training that is required for their backed up positions and at the end of the year, together with the senior managers and the Human Resources Directorate, all these studies are evaluated and promotions and appointments are performed.



ORKA Holding organizes in-house and off-site training according to the results of the training needs analysis conducted by the Human Resources Directorate and the department managers in order to assess the current and potential performance of employees in the best way. Our most important data sources in the training are; analysis of training requirements, training requirements in terms of the performance evaluation results, and training requirements for career planning positions.


ORKA Academy

This is a special training for ORKA Holding employees in all retail stores.

With ORKA ACADEMY, our aim is to gain employees who have positive energy at the end of the successful training process, who can become a team leader by making a difference in sales, who are able to make a timely and complete presentation by understanding the customer, and are willing to accept the store as their profession and lifestyle.

The training includes theoretical training and practical training. By providing ORKA ACADEMY training, we are forming the most important building block of the promotion system in our stores.



In ORKA Holding, a recruitment process that is based on competencies has been established. Job descriptions of all positions are available and are revised as needed. In addition, the minimum qualifications that are required for candidates of each position have been determined. Our goal is to create employment by reaching the right candidates who will carry ORKA Holding to its future goals in line with our human resources policy and common values.


Rewards "Human Respect Award"

The "Human Respect Awards" awarded by to different sectors aim to encourage qualified work carried out in the field of human resources. Human Respect Awards are awarded by the companies that publish advertisements on according to the rates of their applications made to these advertisements. According to this evaluation, ORKA Holdings international brands Damat Tween D'S Damat have received the most applications in the retail sector and as the fastest company responding to this applications, has been awarded the "Human Respect Award" every single year since 2006.



You can fill out the "Job Application Form" at our head office or in our stores or send your resume to

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